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What if you could transform your dating life in just a few short weeks by becoming the guy who has abundance and choice in his dating life? 

I spent over 10 years training thousands of men to become more confident and more charismatic in seminars that men paid over $3,000 to attend for a weekend....

And now, for the first time, I'm making it available online....

Introducing the Art of Attraction workshop, the only online program that focuses on helping successful and professional men create real connections with the kind of women they really want to date by unleashing their inner talents. 
Imagine another Thursday night, you arrive back home after another busy day at the office where you've had to put in the hard hours.

It's been a hard week and you're looking to have some fun.

After 30 mins of "decompression" time watching something YouTube, you open Tinder/Bumble and start browsing.

And that's when the endless swiping starts. You flip through a bunch of profiles, wondering which ones will turn out to be a lucky "hit". Every time an attractive profile pops up you get a little secret hope that it'll match, but every time it doesn't. 

Then, you finally do get a match and examine the profile it's clearly not the pick of the bunch. You ask yourself, "Did I really swipe right on this profile?

It always seems like the girls you want to match with never want to match with you. 

It gets even worse when you go out.

You head out with your friends for a night of fun and you hit a trendy venue. The gorgeous women surround you and with each one that catches your eye your heart races a little more. 

You want to approach, but it's been such a long time since you were "on top of your game" that you don't pull the trigger. And with each time you fail to act, you start to beat yourself up a little more

Eventually you resign to tell yourself that "I guess it isn't happening tonight".

Later you see the lady who you had pegged as "just your type" gravitating towards one guy at the end of the bar. This is the same guy you noticed had been talking to another group of gorgeous women 10 minutes ago. 

He seems relaxed and laid back. He's obviously not trying too hard, yet you can clearly see that there are gorgeous women all around him throwing him looks, hoping that he'll start a conversation with him. 

From where you're standing, it's clear that the women in this bar think that this guy is the most interesting guy in the room.

How did it get like this? What does he have that you don't?

You're a hardworking, intelligent, ambitious and kind-hearted guy. 

Don’t women always complain about not being able to find a good guy? Yet, here you are, struggling to make connections with them? 

You've been working hard to BECOME a great option for the women you desire, but that's meant that life has become too busy for your to really make the most of your dating life. 

And that's meant you've had no choice BUT to rely on dating apps, and as you've been exposed to them you realize that something is missing. 

You're only matching with a fraction of the women you should be and even with the ones you do match with, they're not really the kind you want to be with.

Society has pushed you to become a success, but you realize now that your success has come at a cost. 

And this is the brutal truth of the dating space, especially if you’re a busy, successful guy.

Why has it gotten to this point? 

Well, in just the past 5 years, online apps like Tinder and Bumble have changed the dating marketplace FOREVER.

Women these days are flooded with attention from men - mostly through their cellphones. 

It's almost as if every attractive woman out there is constantly surrounded by a half-dozen other guys who are competing with you. 

That abundance of male attention can make women entitled, distracted and hard to connect with. 

Sometimes it can feel like there's really no way to meet the kind of women you like...

But, it's not all bad news.

You see, through all the digital attention that women get, they know something is missing. 

You see, while women are getting tons of attention, it's from low quality men who have no substance. 

The attention they're flooded by is boring. It lacks soul. And it fails to excite them.  

And this is good news for you. 

Because, while it might FEEL like the dating market is really competitive, it’s not as bad as you might think - especially if you're a smart, ambitious guy. 

In fact, there's a huge amount of opportunity to flip the game on its head - if you're up for the challenge. 

You see, the dating market isn't as competitive as you think... it’s just a market that has been recently flooded with junk.

And the truth is that women are having a really hard time telling the difference between the junk and the real quality men out there.

And that is the real problem that "quality" guys face in dating these days. 
How A Nobel Prize Winning Economist Can Explain Why "Quality" Guys Are Having a Hard Time in 2018
In 1970, a young economist named George Akerloff wrote a remarkable and insightful academic paper that eventually became one of the most cited economic papers of all time and won him the 2001 Nobel Prize in Economics.

In this paper Akerloff explored a situation that is pretty similar to the dating market in 2018. He examined what happens when a huge amount of poor quality merchandise (aka, lemons) enters a marketplace.

What his paper proved was that when customers have a hard time evaluating the quality of a product, this leads to a flood of poor quality products (Lemons) flooding into the marketplace. This makes customers cautious and defensive, and the good producers get driven out of the market.

This is exactly what we're seeing in in the dating market of 2018. There are a whole lot of "lemons" - both male and female. This has always been a problem and a big part of the dating process has traditionally involved women "screening" men for quality.

But with the rise of online dating, a huge number of "lemons" have flooded the market. Guys who lie on their profiles and spam women. Women who are just looking for attention and a free meal. People who look nice but have nothing going on in their lives and are generally unpleasant to be around.

And in this marketplace - quality guys finish last because they get driven out of the market. They get frustrated and tired of endless disappointments.

That's when their dating lives start to stagnate. 

And when your dating life stagnates, it starts to affect your entire world. You might feel uninspired, unmotivated, like you’re in a rut.

You feel bored… bored of everything. And it can feel like it's almost impossible to get out of your rut.

Some guys give up, decide to lower their standards and settle for relationships that they're not happy with.

This never ends well. Other guys start to become cynical about women. They start to think that women in general are mean and shallow. Or even that they will never meet the kind of person that they actually want to have a relationship with. 

You don't want to go down that road. 

But when you have the right skills, the right attitudes, and the right knowledge you can start breaking out of the dating rut and rejuvenate your entire social life. 

With the right skills, you can learn how to easily stand above the crowd of generic men out there who always offer women the same old thing. 

In fact, when you are "in the know" and understand the true nature of attraction, all of a sudden the tables are turned.

Because here's a secret most guys don't realize: most single women are dying to find a quality guy. 

Women are constantly being pursued, hit on, and annoyed by guys who all offer the exact same thing in the exact way - and these guys are not quality guys.

You realize that the bad attitudes, and entitled mentalities that you run across are often defense mechanisms. Defense mechanisms that women use to protect themselves from the wrong kind of guy. 

And that once you discover how to deactivate these defense mechanisms, you can actually meet the real woman behind the intimidating and unapproachable exterior. 

As you learn to consistently reach the real woman "behind the mask", your entire dating reality begins to change. You realize that a huge number of them are dreaming of meeting a man they can like and respect. Someone they can trust and who desires them. 

So, what is the secret to getting women to "drop their mask"?

Well, before we get to that, let's dispel the misconceptions of what they're not.
 The Misconceptions That Hold Men Back in Dating
Before I talk about the REAL problems men have in dating, let me first explain the misconceptions that prevent guys from actually solving their real dating problems.

  • Some guys think you need to be good looking to have success in dating. But the fact is, that’s simply not true. In fact, some of my best students have been really plain looking guys. Sure, it is a BIT easier to start a conversation if you’re a good looking guys, but at the end of the day attraction really is about your attitude and your energy - not looks. If you want to check this for yourself - just go to a club and have a look at the guys who are getting the most attention from women. It’s not going to be the best looking guys there. If anything, the guys who are getting the most attention are the guys who have the right energy and the right skills to make women feel good around them.
  •  Some guys think you need to be rich or have status. They’ve been told that women are looking for money or signs of wealth. I can tell you for sure that this is, this is absolutely not true. I know this because I have had plenty of students who are high status guys, but still can’t make a connection with the women.
  •  Others think you need to be naturally extroverted and outgoing (nope!). Being outgoing can help start a conversation, but there is no need to be a naturally outgoing and extroverted person to use the techniques I’m going to teach you. These techniques can apply online, in casual conversations, or in bars and clubs (if you choose to use them). In fact, introverted guys benefit more from these techniques, since they help you 
  •  Or that you need to be a sleazeball. I understand why guys like this - women do often go for badboys. But I realized that once you really understand what women like about badboys, you can cultivate your "bad boy" side, while remaining a man of integrity and a "nice guy". 
  •  Some guys think that their home city is holding them back from success: I know from teaching these techniques all around the world that you can use them anywhere - from USA to Japan, in big cities and small. But human nature is universal, and these techniques work anywhere. 

Stand Out and Create and Authentic Connection
There is a way to break out of the broken dating market.

You see, the breakdown in the dating market applies to the average guy. It applies to guys who don't know how to stand out and distinguish themselves from the rest.

You see, the reason why "lemons" ruin a market is because they look just like the quality product. 

But quality guys are not the lemons. Smart, ambitious, good hearted guys are the kind of guy that women are looking for.  

But when women can't tell the quality guys from the lemons, then everyone gets treated the same. 

So, if you want to to avoid being treated like a "lemon", you need to do something to distinguish yourself from the rest. 

Something unique, something that can't be faked.

Something that makes you stand out from the crowd. 

The good news is, there are some guys who have broken the cycle. They've figured out how to distinguish themselves from the average guy and actually thrive in a dating market that is otherwise brutal and frustrating.

When you break out of the mainstream dating market, and start to build momentum, your dating life gets A LOT easier.

Imagine knowing how to be the most interesting man in the room - wherever you go.

Imagine being able to start a conversation, casually and easily with any woman that catches your eye - even if she's intimidating or unapproachable. 

Imagine being able to hold her attention, and keep her engaged as you go deep into conversation, and building a genuine connection with her. 

Imagine being so compelling that she will ask YOU for your phone number.

Imagine getting a couple dates a week - all with different types of women. Imagine every day you got home from work to find multiple messages waiting for you, and maybe a date lined up.

Wouldn’t it be nice to expand your social circle by having dinner with a couple new women every week? Wouldn’t it be nice to stop wasting time being single? Wouldn't it be nice to feel like you had the choice - to meet someone you really liked, or just have fun as a single guy?

You CAN do it. And it's actually easier than you think.

Let me tell you about someone who made it out....

Here's How I Went From Huge Nerd to One of the Worlds Top Dating Instructors
Let me be honest with you, I used to suck with women.

I was a huge nerd in high school. And what's worse, I grew up in a small town so everyone knew I was a nerd

When I went away to university, I was thrilled to move to the big city and have the chance to reinvent myself. At the top of my list was becoming better with women. So I started going out to all the frat parties and events, and chatting up girls around me. 

And it was brutal. In fact, I got "Lets Just Be Friends" from women I was dating about 10 times in a row. And I had no idea what I was doing wrong.

After all, I thought I looked pretty good on paper. I was smart. I dressed nice. I worked out. I'd been travelling to many places and I had lots of interesting things to talk about.

But no matter what I did, I seemed to always come in second place. And I didn't know why.

Finally, I started seeking out advice, and reading everything I could about psychology, dating and seduction. And I mean I read everything. I also started hanging out with a group of guys that was really dedicated to improving this aspect of their lives.

Through this work I started to recognize the mistakes I was making, and to see serious improvements in my dating life. I became more relaxed in social situations. I felt more confident and in control.

Suddenly, when I went out to clubs and bars I could see the social dynamics at work. I could see what guys were doing well, what guys were doing poorly. I learned how to start conversations with almost anyone. I could get attraction from women consistently - and I realized it was much easier than I had expected.

Most importantly, I started having a huge amount of fun going out, and that energy, combined with my new skills, made it easy to be the most interesting man in the room. 

Another unexpected benefit I felt as I started to develop my charisma - I started to draw better people into my life. I developed a good crew of guys around me, guys who had a positive energy and were also serious about having a good time when they went out. Suddenly, I had a crew!

Around that time (around 2004 or so), guys started hearing about us online and coming to us for advice. I started helping guys out here and there on their dating lives. And I started to see patterns in the mistakes guys make. I started to realize that there were a series of thought patterns and bad habits that were holding all these guys back.

Finally, in 2006, I became a professional dating coach, working with a company called The Mystery Method. The Mystery Method was made famous by VH1's Reality TV Show "The Pickup Artist" and Neil Strauss's New York Times bestselling book "The Game".

The Mystery Method eventually broke up. When that happened I left with a bunch of other instructors to found a new company. For the next 10 years, I worked at helping men from all over the world improve their dating lives with a system that has proven real-world results.

Over those 10 years, I’ve taught men in places as far away as London, Tokyo, Berlin, Sydney about the universal attraction principles that apply to every romantic interaction. This coaching has changed lives.

And for 10 years, what made my teaching unique is that it was practical. I don't teach guys to act like clowns, to be manipulative or to be scumbags. And most importantly – I never taught guys anything that I wasn’t willing to use myself in front of students to prove that it worked. 

In those years I sold over a million of dollars in of tickets to my events. And my courses had a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

And most importantly, while I was doing all that work and training - I learned an incredible amount about human nature, psychology, and how to train guys effectively in the systems I'm going to share with you today....
What I Would Have Killed For When I Started Out
Why is it that every one of the world's top athletes has a coach or advisors - yet the idea of getting coaching for your dating life is considered taboo? 

If even the world's best can benefit from coaching, imagine how much YOU could benefit from a system that gives you the strategy, framework and support to truly become The Most Interesting Man in the Room and turbo charge your dating life.

Let me tell you, I benefitted greatly from having strong mentors and guidance when I was sorting this part of my life out many years ago. 

But even still I wish I had an easy to follow system that I could go through to improve those elements of my life. I wish I had had someone who could have taught me the things that took me YEARS to figure out on my own through trial and error.

Here are the things that every guy needs to do to take their dating life to the next level.

First - It needs to be authentic - this is not about becoming some sort of fake version of yourself. You can't improve your charisma and your dating life by adopting somebody else's personality. You need to develop something personal, authentic, that is true to who you are.

Second - You need to focus on the kind of women you want to date - not just anyone. You don't want a program for meeting women you have nothing in common with. You don't want to learn how to make a fool of yourself going after everyone in the room.

Third - You need to focus on building skills and strategies, not tricks or gimmicks. By strategies, I mean you need to understand how women work, and what emotional triggers can reliably create attraction. By skills, I mean you need to understand the language of desire, the subtle ways of speaking and acting that make you compelling and persuasive and work on anyone.

Fourth - You need to learn not just how to meet these women and get their interest, but how to create a real and meaningful connection. That means getting attraction, learning how to “make a move” in a way that is safe and effective. It also means you need to learn how to hold a conversation and keep her interest over time. It means you need to learn how to "flip the script" and get women chasing YOU.

Fifth - You need to learn how to do this in real life - it needs to give you a real kick in the pants so you actually take action and internalize the program. That's because real changes to your life don't come from reading books or watching videos on the internet, they come from taking action.

The good news is, I included every single one of these factors into an all new course that will show you how to master the art of attraction. All the frameworks and systems. The secret language of desire. The deep psychology behind actually getting your dating life under control. Every learning tactic and strategy.

And the results these strategies produce are pretty incredible... 
Let Me Tell You About A Student of Mine Named Matt
I met up with Matt again recently in a bar in downtown Toronto – one of those high-end “lounge” restaurants where you eat steak served by especially good looking waitresses. Matt is a plain-looking guy, his hair was a bit longer than I remembered, but he carried himself with a relaxed confidence.

What was really funny about Matt was that he was a lot like me. Like me, he was a guy from a small town, who was a bit of a nerd. Like me, he was average height with a plain preppy look. There was nothing terribly special about this guy – except that over the past six months he had developed a remarkable skill.

You see, when our waitress came to take our order, I hunched over and studied the menu, wondering what I wanted to eat.

But Matt did something completely different.

He leaned back, with his shoulders broad, looked the waitress in the eye, and with a strange air of confidence just asked a simple question

The question itself doesn’t matter – but what was remarkable was the waitresses reaction to his question.

Suddenly this waitress, who previously had been busy and professional, started to smile and laugh.

It was as if someone had pressed a button and transformed her from “waitress” to “flirty” instantaneously.

I continued to watch, right there in front of me as Matt got the waitress to start giggling, open up about her dreams and ambitions (she was an aspiring actress) and bring some of the other waitresses to chat with us.

For our whole dinner, we were the centre of attention for the waitstaff. We made them laugh, they made us laugh, and at the end of the evening we got our bill – a few drinks had been knocked off our tab, and written on the back of our receipt was a quick note.

Give me a call sometime! 416-xxx-xxxx 


As we left the bar, I was impressed. You see, when I had first met Matt just 6 months earlier, he was a shy and introverted guy. Women would ignore him.

But now, just a few months later, he had mastered the art of attraction. His phone was full of text messages from women he had met around the city, who were practically begging to see him again. Every night of the week, he could have a gorgeous woman at his apartment – if he wanted.

Or he could meet someone new, if he wanted.

He wasn’t tied down, and he had choice. And the women he was dating were fine with it because they just liked being around him. 

Matt was actually looking for a serious relationship, but in the meantime, he was loving the bachelor life.

And so he was killing it on the dating scene, while waiting for someone special to come along.

Most guys don’t have it as good as Matt does.

In fact, I’d guess that Matt is having more dating success than 98% of the population (despite being perfectly average in looks).

But what is Matt doing differently?

Matt learned how to easily stand out from the competition – because he understood the Art of Attraction.

He knew how to be the most interesting man in the room, how to create a real connection with women, and how to keep that connection strong, not just in person, but over text messaging.

These are uncommon skills in this day and age.

What guys like Matt have realized is that for guys who know how to stand out, it doesn’t matter how good looking you are, how much money you have, or how fancy your clothes are.

You see, most of the time when an attractive woman like Laura (the waitress) meets a guy at work, that guy gets lumped into a stereotype. So Matt probably started his interaction with Laura as “just another moderately cute customer”. He was nice, maybe she liked his look, but he was just like the dozens of other similar guys she had met that week.

But Matt broke out of that stereotype, and grabbed her attention by asking questions that forced her to stop seeing him as a customer and start engaging him as a real, three dimensional human being

And that was just the beginning.

Once Matt had broken out of the “customer” stereotype, he engaged her to create a real and meaningful connection. Matt didn’t just say “hey, let me get your number” or “so, what do you like?”. He led a back and forth conversation – using simple principles – where eventually Laura was trying to impress Matt, with the hopes that he would ask for her number.

Sure, Matt was being confident, and he was funny and entertaining at times, but Laura meets guys like that all the time. In fact, Laura didn’t notice herself being attracted to Matt until she felt herself working to earn his approval.

What really made the difference is that he led Laura through a conversation that made her open up, share herself, and feel good about it. And that created a real connection – the sort that she doesn’t generally have with guys she meets at her restaurant.

Even when Matt got her number, it was because – instead of running out of things to say, as he would have done before – Matt had gotten Laura excited about spending time with him again and doing something together later that week. So Matt knew that every time he texted her, he would get a reply... and quickly! 

Nothing Matt did seemed particularly unusual or extraordinary, but the effect on Laura was powerful. She was more excited to meet up with Matt than she was for any of the dozens of dates she had gone on that year.

And while it felt like what Matt did was perfectly natural, it was something that Matt would actually have never been able to do just a few months earlier.

That’s because everything Matt did in that conversation was something he had learned in the past 6 months. The skills he had developed were part of the system I have developed over the past 10 years. A system which has helped countless guys drastically improve their dating lives without being weird or unnatural or “try-hard”.

The secret? It’s about learning to create an authentic connection in a world where these things are rare.
The Power of An Authentic Connection
As I explained to you - the thing that really makes one guy stand out is creating an authentic connection

And this is where every other dating program on the market fails - they actually prevent guys from making an authentic connection because they start from the wrong position. 

You see, pretty much every source of dating advice out there starts by telling guys to play “hard to get”. They all tell guys to pretend like they are not interested in a woman, or too busy. That means right from the beginning, you are being emotionally dishonest. And women can tell. 

Instead of playing hard to get. I’m going to teach you how to show desire. You’re not going to play games, or act disinterested. Instead, you’re going to learn how to show interest in a way that is authentic and non-needy. You’re going to actually learn how you can honestly communicate your desire in a way that actually turns women on instead of pushing them away.

And what’s incredible is how powerful desire can be when you learn to apply it right. 

After all, if you ask women what they want, don’t they say they want romance, to feel beautiful, and all those sorts of things? Well, do you think they’re just making it up? 

In reality, an important part of an authentic connection is the feeling of desire, and of being desired.

The secret is how to use that desire properly. How to harness your desire so it becomes your friend, and not your enemy. I'm going to show you how you can show desire in a way that is not needy, not creepy, and that encourages her to invest in impressing you.  

That’s the step in creating a truly authentic connection that most guys simply can’t do properly

On top of that, the Art of Attraction Workshop isn't just an online course where you sit and get lectured on my way of doing things. It's an interactive program where you're going to develop your own personal dating strategy. Every element of this course is going to be authentic to you because instead of giving lines and gimmicks, I’m going to lead you through a process that helps you create your own dating techniques that work and are based off of your own personal desires and experiences. 

Here's how it works - every class is live streamed, with a Q&A at the end. After every class, you're going to have an exercise you can use to apply the class's teaching to your own personal situation. Every student is encouraged to come forward with questions and contributions that we all share. So everyone gets personalized attention, and also gets the benefit of the other student's questions. 

This is the kind of course that I *wish* I had been able to take when I started this journey over 10 years ago, but the power of live streaming technology has only recently made it possible to do this at an affordable price. 

Two years ago, you would have had to fly out to visit me in person, and pay nearly $3,000 to learn the things I'm going to teach you in this course. 

And even now, the Art of Attraction Workshop is the only online course that focuses on authentic connection, and which offers this level of personalized attention. 

And what’s more, it’s based off of 10 years of proven field experience - so you know it works! 

What You Get With The Art of Attraction Workshop
Five Lessons that Cover All The Bases

Lesson #1 - Mindsets and Meeting Women

In the first section of the course, we're going to go over the very basics. First, I'm going to go over the mindsets and attitudes that are the foundation of a successful dating life. Then I'm going to give you a bunch of strategies to help you meet women in every area of your life. 

In this lesson you're going to get: 
The Big Three Attraction Switches - so you know exactly what to be working on at any time. 
The Seven Steps to Intimacy - A complete overview of the seven steps that need to happen for a relationship to become intimate.  
Powerful Inner Game Mindsets - To transform the way you interact with women. 
Five Powerful Strategies - For meeting women in every area of your life. So you can get started right away! 

Lesson #2 - The Conversation Code

In lesson two, I’m going to give you the “Conversation Code” - A simple system you can use to create interesting and emotionally satisfying conversations in almost any situation. With this system, you’re never going to run out of things to say. You’re going to learn how to talk about yourself and share your best qualities in conversation - without coming across like you are bragging or being boring. 

In this lesson you're going to get: 
Five Remarkably Easy Techniques to Start Conversations - You can use this every day
A Backdoor Technique to Get Her to Invest in Your Conversation - so you’re not doing all the work anymore. 
Secret Strategies to Keep Conversations Flirty - To prevent them from becoming a boring “interview style” conversation. 
An Authentic and Bold Way to Get Numbers - So you never get blown out by women who say “I don’t give my number out”, or wind up getting numbers that flake on you. 
You’re also going to learn some life saving lines and tactics I’ve learned over the years to help you get through situations where you are stuck or running out of things to say. 

Lesson #3 - Social Media and the Art of the Date

In lesson three I’m going to go into The Art of The Date, and share some time honed strategies to make your dates easy, interesting and memorable. I’m going to show you the Heroic Journey Framework, which is a powerful way (used by Hollywood filmmakers) to take the real events from your life and turn them into interesting and engaging texts and conversations that highlight your best qualities. 

I’m also going to give you the secret of getting her number and making that phone/text connection. I’m going to answer the questions: “What do you do when she says ‘I don’t give out my number’”, “how often do I text”, “what should I send first?” and I’m also going to share a (top secret) strategy you can use to ‘revive’ dead numbers and get women to reply even after they have gone “silent” on the phone. 

At the end of this session, you will be a master of text messaging and keeping women hooked over the phone! 

Lesson #4 - Intimacy and Desire

In Lesson 4 you’re going to learn about creating intimacy and sexual tension. You’re going to learn about the progression of desire, and I’m going to share my effective, safe and 100% non creepy ways to unleash desire when you’re with a woman who likes you. I’m going to show you how to read the signals, and most importantly how to send *your own* signals in a way that is clear without being creepy. You’re going to learn: 

A Surprising Secret to Confidently Read Her Signals - So you never have to worry about being a creep or making women feel uncomfortable. 
How to Make a Move. - I'm going to give you time tested ways to make a move effortlessly and with no risk. 
The Progression of Desire - Im going to show you the 4 physical steps that every interaction goes through between meeting and intimacy. 

Lesson #5 - Starting Relationships on Solid Ground & Building a Sustainable Lifestyle

In lesson 5 we’re going so talk about how to start your relationship on solid ground. In this lesson I’m going to give you some key tips to help you start your next relationship on solid ground. In this course I’m going to give you: 

A simple system for knowing what women are relationship material and what women aren’t.
An easy to use system so that when you meet someone you really like, you can move things forward in a way that is confident and not needy. 
Tips you can use to always stay sharp, whether you are in a relationship or not, so you can continue to grow and learn in the years and months ahead. 
Strategies to make self-improvement a part of your life. 
Special Pilot Program Pricing
Because this is the FIRST time this course has been offered, I am offering a special discounted price on all 3 options.
The Art of Attraction Platinum
  •  The Art of Attraction Course - Five Lessons over 5 Weeks. 
  •  Five Live Q&A Sessions - 30 Minutes of Live Question and Answer after each class. 
  •  Lifetime Access to the Art of Attraction Facebook Group. 
  •  Five 30 Minute Private Phone Coaching Sessions: Weekly personal coaching sessions to keep you on track. 
  • Two Nights Live Coaching in Toronto: Two evenings of LIVE coaching in Toronto, with a maximum of 2 other students. A $4,000 value. (Hotel & Transportation not included)
  •  Private Whatsapp Group: Get live responses to your questions between classes with live text message coaching via Whatsapp. 
The Art of Attraction Gold
  •  The Five Week Art of Attraction Course - Five Lessons over 5 Weeks 
  •  Five Live Q&A Sessions - 30 Minutes of Live Question and Answer after each class. 
  •  Lifetime Access to the Art of Attraction Facebook Group. 
  • Five 30 Minute Private Phone Coaching Sessions: Weekly personal coaching sessions to keep you on track. 
The Art of Attraction Silver
  •  The Five Week Art of Attraction Course - Five Lessons over 5 Weeks. 
  •  Lifetime Access to the Art of Attraction Facebook Group. 
  •  Five Live Q&A Sessions - 30 Minutes of Live Question and Answer after each class. 
CLASS BEGINS Thursday March 15th!
I'm so Confident this Course Will Change Your Life That I'm Giving It a Full Guarantee!!
I personally stand behind everything that I teach. With over 10 years of experience, I know that I can help men of all types improve their dating lives and become a guy who has options with women. 

That’s why I’m offering the most comprehensive guarantee in the business. 

Online Training Guarantee - If the stuff I am teaching online doesn't sit with you right, doesn't work, or if it's "not for you" you can drop out and get a full refund at any time within the first 15 days. That’s right, just email me at [email protected] within 15 days of the start of the first class and I’ll give you your money back. This guarantee applies to phone coaching as well. 

100% Satisfaction Live Training Guarantee - If you sign up for live training (The Platinum Package) you have the following guarantee. If you attend the training and do what I tell you and are not fully satisfied at the end, I will give you your money back. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • When are the classes delivered? Each class will be live streamed on Thursday evening at 8pm Eastern if you want to attend live. The first class will be March 15th  and classes will be each Thursday until April 12th.

  • Here's the full schedule - all classes start at 8pm Toronto time and are approximately 1 hour long. 

  • March 15 - Lesson #1 - Mindsets and Meeting Women
  • March 22 - Lesson #2 - The Conversation Code
  • March 29 - Lesson #3 - Social Media and the Art of the Date
  • April 5 - Lesson #4 - Intimacy and Desire
  • April 12 - Lesson #5 - Starting Relationships on Solid Ground & Building a Sustainable Lifestyle
  •  Will this show up on my credit card statement? Transactions will be recorded on your credit card discretely as "AoA". 
  • What if I miss a class? All the classes will be recorded and published online within 24 hours of the live broadcast, so you never have to worry about missing a class - all the content will be available for you. 
  • Yeah but if I miss a class do I miss the Q&A? You can submit questions beforehand by email or text, and I will answer them live on the stream. So you don't even need to miss out on the Q&A. 
  • What Kind of Guy Gets The Most Out Of This Class? Honestly, all sorts of guys have had great success using the techniques and strategies I will be teaching in this class. I've had guys ranging from 18 years to over 70, rich and poor and from all sorts of countries. The principles I teach are based on human nature so they work everywhere. 
  •  I'm Interested in Platinum -  How Does the Live Training Work? RThe platinum ticket includes 5 phone coaching sessions PLUS two night of infield training to be delivered in Toronto. The dates for these nights are flexible and can be accommodated to your schedule. Message me at [email protected] if you would like to talk about scheduling for live training. 
  • This is probably the best deal on live training that you are ever going to see me offer because a) you get five weeks of additional coaching with me to make sure you get the maximum value out of our time together b) because you get two nights of training for $1599, which is much, much lower than my usual infield price and is *only* available because this is part of a pilot program and I will be learning and refining methods while I am teaching you. If you live in another city and want to do live coaching message me and perhaps something can be arranged. Each night I will be taking up to 3 Platinum students out to various clubs in the city, where I will be leading them through exactly how to use the techniques I'm teaching in real life. I will be demonstrating my techniques in action and being your "wing man" through the whole evening.
  •  I'm Interested in Gold - How do the phone coaching sessions work? After you sign up for the Gold package, you will be given a link to schedule your weekly phone coaching sessions. In these coaching sessions I will help you create a personalized action plan to implement the material we work on in that week's livestreamed classes. This is an excellent opportunity to get a really personalized "gameplan" from me personally. Read the reviews, my phone coaching gets incredible results for my students and this is a great value. Generally, these coaching sessions will be available 10am to 9pm Eastern (Toronto) Time. If you are in a distant time zone please contact me at [email protected] and we will find a time that can work for all of us. Coaching sessions are 30 minutes of 1 on 1 feedback over google hangouts. 
  •  What does it mean that this is a pilot project?
  • I'm calling this program a "pilot project" because it's a the first time I'm going to be delivering this complete system over an electronic format. While this content has technically been in development over several years, it's only now that I'm really distilling it down into five lessons and presenting it in a way that guys like you can use and benefit from it in classroom format. 
  • Because it is new, and because I'm really trying to figure out the best way to teach this stuff to guys all over the world, there are probably going to be some hiccups. I'm going to be soliciting feedback from you to figure out how to do things better. I'm going to be keeping track of how well everyone is doing and identifying the guys who are doing the best and the guys who are struggling and figuring out how to best help each group. 
  • It might be a bit rough around the edges but I will also be going the extra mile to make this class awesome because I really believe in what I am teaching and I want this program to be a huge success. 
  • So, that's why I am calling it a pilot project. If you would prefer the carefully polished "kinks worked out" version of this course then it should be ready in two months. It will be more expensive, but it will be worth it.
  • But if you are adventurous and want to be a trailblazer and get some awesome value and participate in something exciting and cutting edge, then I want you on the pilot program! 
From Johnathan in Toronto,

I wasn’t meeting women that I was interested in as a long-term partner, so I was rarely getting past the second or third date with anyone. I started becoming more selective with my swiping, and that improved the situation, but I knew I could do better.... 

Another issue is that since I recently switched careers and have been focused on work, my social life outside of work has become stagnant. Other than spending time with family and a couple of my closest friends, my social life was lacking. Friends I used to be roommates with in university or friends who I was in their wedding party I was going months or even years without seeing. So I came to the realization that even if I did start dating someone long-term, I barely had a social life to bring them into.

The week after our third session I went on four dates in three days, and had a fifth date planned for that week that I cancelled since two of the dates went really well and I wanted to see those women again.... 

From Joe B, in Georgia

When I initially reached out to Chris I was content with my dating life, but I also felt like I had a lot of room for improvements.

In just a few sessions with Chris, not only did he teach me some excellent strategies and tactics for improving my dating life, he also helped me to fundamentally change the way I was thinking about that area of my life. 

The end result was that I was getting as many dates a week as I could handle (3-5) with girls that I was really excited to be going out with.

I'm now in a great relationship with a great girl and I don't think I'd be where I am without Chris' help. In fact, I was so happy with the results that I have decided to continue using Chris' coaching services to help me improve my business.
From George in LA,

1) What was your problem before you started getting coaching? 

I had various problem areas before working with Chris. They probably were all rooted in the fact that I felt inferior to very beautiful women and thought they didn’t like me based on my looks. It showed up in me not being confident enough in first dates and in off-date communication, where I felt rejected too early without proper evidence. It also showed up in missing confidence to walk up and talk to girls that I saw and liked.
2) How did your life change after the coaching sessions? 
With Chris helped I learned to think differently and actually appreciate my own looks. I feel now that any woman would like me based on looks alone. If things don’t work out I understand it may have multiple reasons and take it way less personally. At the same time, I act much more confident around women, be it when going out and meeting them the first time, or be it in my communication between dates, where I am now able to talk to women on the phone frequently and with ease -- something I hadn’t considered before.
3) Are there any specific results that you achieved? 

My dating life right now is crazy and I need to really filter with who I decide to spend my time with. I am getting so many compliments and opportunities with women, it seems almost weird sometimes. Last weekend alone, I first-time kissed three different women, all of which are currently or were at some point legit models. The funny thing is they even know about the competition and call me out for being a ‘heartbreaker’ in a joking way. 
Ok, I haven’t really found the one person yet that I want to spend a prolonged amount of time with, but I clearly have set the stage for it. Also, I clearly have worked through my issues with my self-perception.

4) How did Chris help you solve it? 
Chris actually always had an insightful and productive point of view no matter what problem or situation I threw at him. One thing that really helped me tremendously was going through a deep reflection session on why I think girls don’t like me physically. We found an exercise that I applied and that made me stop worrying about it in most cases and that set the stage for my increased success with women.
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