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Work, Life, Love, Health - It's hard for a busy man to stay on top of all these priorities. That's why high-achievers seek out the best in personal coaching to realize their goals.

As a founder of one of the largest dating coaching companies in the word, I have helped men all around the world improve their love lives with my unique easy-to-understand, goal-oriented instructions for modern day dating.

I don't teach manipulation, pick up lines, or cheesy gimmicks. I provide custom and actionable solutions to help my clients cultivate relationship confidence, develop their communication skills, understand the fairer sex and date the kind of women they really like. If you are interested in signing up for coaching, please click here for more info.

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"I am glad I invested in Chris Shepherd's training. It will give you the results you are looking for and make you an all around better man that will naturally attract what you want in life."

- Mark

"They don't teach manipulation techniques, lines or routines. Chris Shepherd emphasize a holistic approach in developing a lifestyle that attracts women into your life."


"What I also find impressive is that the methods work for someone like me, a man in his mid-forties... These are well structured systems for a thinking man."


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